Don't try to wake me in the morning cause I'll be gone

After the Cubs game I went home to shower and then to an art show.

It was called Monopoly put on by Foundation Projects LA

It was all the designers and artists from The Art Dump

Pretty much all the Crailtap or Girl Skateboards guys. 2 of them were present. I kind of fanned out about the Tap.

I decided to purchase some art. This is a monoprint run through an HP 8550. Each designer from the dump would take the stack and run it through their printer then pass to the next designer. This one is hanging in our bathroom.

This is similar except done with screens instead. They said that all 9 designers were on this one. It's hanging in our living room now. One of kind skart.

Afterwords we got some drinks at Black Rock with Mast, Quinn, Amanda, Jefe, Neil and co. I was too exhausted to even move let alone take some pics.

Master the swager

Went over to Jim M's and saw SK's dad's new ride

Jim is brewing up a wood play land

His new pup Bach.

His house is like a skateboarding museum

The next morning I met up with SK for our Ferris Buehler day.

First things first, we needed breakfast

Josef hard at work

Ran into Jason whom I haven't talked to in probably 10 years. Crazy.

We gots to do something, freal.

Dusty B got tossed, the crowd was chanting his name. It was nuts.

They still got the W

Free floppy hat day

Is it a crime for you to fall in love with Frankenstein

Later that night went to an area that I prefer not to frequent

But I was with good company for a birthday

The scene

On my right, the stereotypical make out couple

Kathryn and her bro Ryan

I never have change on me when I see those condom machines, this time I actually did

I had to get out of there

Later at the Foot, Joe and Nicholas bromancing (literally)

We went here which was pretty good

But not as good as Bacci, which I haven't had in forever. I was just taking Stephanie's word.

Macro ops

What can I say, she loves to eat...

More macro

For dinner the next day, stuffed cornesh hens grill-wise.