Yeah baby I found a new home, I drilled a hole in my head

After Chris's we went to Kyle's going away party, he's going to Irak

Pablow loves mmmen

He's a cute little guy

The "New Kathryn"

Jon was stealing kisses

Kathryn and Andrea

Did you lie when you spoke to me?

We got some sushi

For Handle's birthday, I snuck a photo before his "hang loose sign".

TV in the mirror

Then we headed out to the bah for a bit, Joe and Jim met up

Leave it there

May or May not pwned the suburbs

The crowd was way into them

The Smoking Popes

Tyler (double chin) and Jonny

Tyler and Jonny (double chin)

We met up with Jim after, who was in great shape after attending the Cubs game

and came home to a neglected cat

Hey Chicago what do you say the Cubs are gonna win today

Like I said, two games in one week...

The bleachers where people were heckling Ichiro in Japanese

The dude in the tie-dye (Old Style shirt) 3 people over was an old timer bleacher bum that kept score and double fisted beers. I don't know how he did it.

You and I've got different agendas

I went to 2 cubs game, the first one was probably the best seats I've ever sat in.

Rowengartner and Pickles


The only dudes in front of me were wearing numbers, and from the opposing team. They got heckled by us.

Pickles got called a "douche" I was told that it was impossible to make me look good in a photo

We still got the W

You could always breathe the air they chose for you

One Black Tooth at the Gasthaus

Then we headed out to Heinl and Laura's engagement party

Kush and Billy

Liz and Ken


I get so mean around this scene

Went down to the gallery side of town to see a skart show

Some pieces were good, most were okay and over priced

My girl admires art