Hold your breath and follow me

I met up with Digs and co. at the Abbey to see...

Some Canadian with an afro preach

And Propagandhi slay with their axes.

After I met up with some dudes for mystery beers.

Be careful

Milo's on the hunt under the recliner

I don't make cents

The Arcade Fire

I was very impressed with their stage show

The 10pm news!

Jones, cruising, stopping and catching

From bands to babies, Campbell

Libby and Alayna

Babies love me

And poker at my crib

Just keep on moving

My and my pal Jeff went to see Smoke Or Fire

This time not at an old lube place

Then Sundowner and the pretty epic backing band

Everyday is like Sunday

The Auditorium Theater

Morrissey, I'm only posting show photos it seems.

How the seats really looked

Tops off

He pretty much played the same set as a few months ago, although he laid in front of the drum kit for about 10 minutes before going into the encore

Maybe he did that before? I don't remember him doing that.

Are you restless like me?

This weekend I went to the a show that had a weird line up. Planes Mistaken for Stars opened, I was too nervous to take a photo but when Cursive came on (above) flashes went off and the security didn't give a shit.

Then Against Me! came on, full of energy

Honestly I can say I haven't had feelings like this for a new band in 5 or 6 years. As usual a white wash, dressed in black, and this time a back drop of their new album cover.

Then it was time to get your metal on with Mastodon

Metal poses

A little less professional, a little more upfront and confrontational

Gordon totally got us into the best fan out Against Me! op ever...

Photos courtesy of Kathryn.

This was my view, right behind Andrew, next to Gordon...


After we went to Millennium Park, typical bean photo op