The best gift an uncle could give.

Holiday tweekend

Before the holiday party on Friday we peeped some of Dave's work

I think I'm going to purchase a set of these paintings on the bottom of skate decks with different colors and bikes.

An album cover he did.

My niece.

I will have an influence on this child.

Kathryn's cousin's daughter/god-daughter.

On Monday I met up with Rob and Bobby for an EGV sesh.

Facial hair status: beard.

At Brian and Jen's wedding they had this portrait studio set up.

My dates.

I went to see Sk's renovated pad and his new whip.

Some mean tile work


Head contractor

Work in progress

He puts his laptop on a chair and wheels it around to find the best signal to steal the internet

I went to Little Caeser's

And killed the fuck out of it.

He knows so much about these things

Trashy metal bar! 50 cent 6oz drafts!

Dennis, whom I've decided I will now call "Denny"

Dave DeFabio is in town from Vegas, he said to bling him up next time I'm out there so we can get thrown out of casinos together.

Dude passed out on the bar.

Dave and crew.

Scott "humpababy" is back in town.

We decided to get some Buds and watch skate vids on my huge tube.

Denny passed out.

hotwings, hoes, and egos

If you can't afford the real ones, the next best thing.

My bosses gift, he got psyched when I told him he could build a custom pair.

My old neighbor is Clark Griswald.

The last time the Stones played this song was at my grandmother's funeral

Rusty visited this weekend from Normal Killinois

Wife Beater

When you yell fuck you get reprimanded so we left.

Rusty's imitation of me.

We went to a Polish bar, Polish beer

Worst group picture ever.

Craig Sinister likes playing with boys

On the way home we saw some wicked bad lights, on the roof there was a Santa with an American flag but it didn't turn out.