Everyone means as much to me as everyone means to you

It's like 3 rolled up into one.

Found this new park all benches and launch ramps, no tranny

Help Andrea move

An early cribs... thanks to Kathryn

Flowers in her back yard, Kathryn again with the macro

These kids were going crazy when their pops got up to go to the wash room.

Andrea, Jon, Kenzo post mexi-sesh

Ahh Wisconsin, "speak english or go home"

Le Hotel


Rick Springfield, Jesse's Girl what?

He had 2 guitars that had skate stickers, one with a Zero sticker and this one with a McGill sticker. Weird

Born, hired, disposed.

After the demo I went over to Scott and Libby's

For Thy and Luke's pre-wedding party

I haven't seen Ryan in quite some time. We made an agreement to hang out at each other's houses sometime

One of the hosts, Scoot

We played cards, no suprise

Stole my camera and took it upside down

A flash from the past

Went up to Wilson

Mad peeps there

The Blue Angels were tearing it up in the sky

The Quicksilver demo showed up

Omar Hassan killed it

Christian Hosoi

Bro'in down with Hosoi