Don't waste the sun on a rainy day

The view out the back deck, this is just part of the lake

Look it up, Lake Carroll IL, it's huge.

The crib

Just the main level of the place. 4 Bedrooms, finished basement, and loft.


We went up to Kathryn's family's summer home and it looked like a wet weekend was in store.

To our suprise it turned around a few hours later

So we took a boat ride to see the gigantor "lake houses"

It's like the Illinois version of Cape Cod, no silly lighthouses

Someone's building a new one, probably cost a mil, no biggy

If you ask for a nickel, I'm going to ask you for a dime

It was Danny and...

Eric's birthday (middle)


Preston bought shots




This is what happens when someone plays NWA.


Got a new set up

Cra-rule, beard status


The Howard sisters

Random Jew that was with Danny, we talked how being a Jew is awesome. I forgot his name


Danny decided to take the short cut

Nervous Nick

Rick looksl like he's going number two, but he's really just shredding

Busted for climbing the arcade machine

They called the cops, no joke. Lame shit, stupid bar.

Joe's bro was all pissed he couldnt peep gnarbarge because he didnt know the site and I made my page private.