Stand back, look proud and tall

I'm trying to break more than 2 posts this month (I've been sick a lot), The Cobra Skulls

Out of all the times I had the chance to see them I always opted to have drinks instead, that was a mistake. They slay.

The Flatliners

This kid moved so fast and had so much energy

Get your head out from those mags

Some randoms from March, Kwas is always watching you!

Hanging out with Zach and Ryan's new baby, Finn


Getting in touch with my youth

I can't get enough of this lately

St. Patricks Day morning, slow cook the beef

We sing with our heros 33 rounds per minute

It's been a while, these are from a while back. Work has left me dead at the end of the day, I'm working on getting that fixed. Here's the Arrivals with Paddy from D4.

Gaslight Anthem

The Loved Ones

Playing with other people's flashes