Ohh mama I'm in fear for my life from the long arm of the law

The "Greatest Show on Earth"

Duds and Delicious, a great combo for a Budweiser sesh.

Tony and I have a guido chat

The usuals, you're welcome to join us.

I caught Bachta sneakin some candy from those machines with his extra quarters.

Tony made friends with this guy, we're convinced it's the Swaze ala Roadhouse.

He's got a sweet can too.

Every Tuesday there's a dart league there

So we decided to have a dart sesh

Bachta in his competitive glory beat us all

On the way out we spotted a carrying case for a "pro dart player"

I killed me a pumpkin

The widom of a fool won't set you free

Roger, the best man, obsessed with Burt Reynolds.

Brian and Jen

Come on, lets dance!

Didn't have to ask us twice. We got down to some B-52's and New Order like it was nobody's business.

When you have free booze this is what happens.

Roger damaged his tux doing some knee slides to Jessie's Girl.

Wedding #5 of the year was a success, declined to attend #6.
Too far, too tired. I'll send a card and visit some time.

Tanks, but no tanks.

Did I mention that I'm an uncle now?

Sleeping beauty.

I'm not the betting type, but if I were

If anybody was wondering where Tony Quiram was, I've found him.

Never put me in your box if the shit eats tapes

So it was decided that we should have a suburban cocktail party. I couldn't agree more. The suburbs aren't so bad when you roll with a crew such as this. It was a reunion of sorts.

I haven't seen this weirdo in a while. Nervous Nick being nervous.

I was trying to get a shot of a beard comparison, but Ethan is a friggin gorilla! I aspire to have facial hair of this caliber.

The hostess...

Action shot

Talking business about waste management.

Cocktail shots.

Someone was playing some sick tunes on the juke box and it wasn't any of us. I got down with a Nas song.

Do I foresee this becoming a reoccuring event?

I never sleep, cuz sleep is the cousin of death