You're the most two-faced bastard I've ever seen

I met up with the Abplanalps (sp?) after I wrenched on my whip with my brother

This is how the night ended.

Make a difference

My old boss asked me to go see a show with him, he's really gotten into indie rock

Screaming Yellow Zonkers

A one man band, The Brokeoffs, he played percussion with his feet

He was also the backing band for Holly Golightly

Please let it work itself out

The Lawrence Arms

It was fucking bonkers in that little room

Fashionable Male

Kathryn got Milo some gear

It was a bit tight for his belly

"I've had it, I'm bustin' out of this joint"

Our faces split the coast in half

Happy Birthday to me, a little late

I might have been born yesterday sir, but I stayed up all night

As I said I left town last week

And spent a warm week in a frozen lake land, Minnesota

There was a lot more snow on the ground, but it melted while I was there.

The waffle ceiling could use some maple syrup in those squares

Back home to...

This from my wonderful girlfriend

Rejected sour eyes can't imagine blue skies

Some boobie cupcakes for the Fast bros

I'm way behind, I was out of town most of last week

Fasts and I had another joint birthday (a yearly ordeal since college being that we're 4 days apart), I didn't get a photo of Rick before all the shots settled, sorry dude.

This was some party taxi the dudes who got out of were raving about in front of Underbar

The next morning I had to deal with this monster