Double negative

After Wisco we got some cheese, but not the squeakers

Pete's Pizza, seen but never been until now. Thanks Steph.

A quick Stephanie's crib. We have the same table/chairs but we just recently stained ours.

Later at the Bottle


Saw Jay up there, I run into him once a year. We traded numbers again, he's still got mine. I felt like an asshole. We're gonna sesh soon.

Guess where I found Jesus?

Jane and Mast playing Street Fighter vs. X-Men. It took me 3 times to beat Mast.


Chris G was in town, he saw the Streets at Intonation. I was super jealous, I almost bought tickets before I found out about Fish's grad party.

Way to rip off the late 90's Santa Cruz shirt. Get your own campaign slogan, losers.

Rollo Tomasi

The pics turned out weird with out the flash but I thought it was kind of "hellish".

With the flash

"Everyone's thinking what we're doing"

I wrote the ten wack commandments on my own

I saw this Shelby Cobra before we left for Wisco

Andrea got someone some sweet leather

It's like college again: Fish's grad party, Wisco style.

Just incase you forgot

Drinking beers on the street

Grandma it's called a "mohawk" geez

Bob Fish

The grad, Chris Fish. Congrats!


Steph, Kathryn, Paula

A very crowded boat

What the fuck is with this no profanity shit?