What do you do when doing what you love gets you nowhere?

Ryan and I are "TEAM PLAID"

Double chin lurker

Sgt. Lopez

Giant spiders

Check out the fuzz on that thing, gnar.

It's a pretty nice night for a drive

Kathryn's first official league game and Jesse's last

Jefe finally got to host

Say have you heard the news today


Bro and sis


His bike palace

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Harry Jewz


Hot dudez (literally)

For Sinbad

Tim Barry (of Avail fame) and sister

William Elliott Whitemore

Come on sugar let me know

We headed down to St. Louis for Bobby and Maura's wedding

The first dance

Daddy Dixon

The Dixon familia

Jeff pleasing his fans

Rob and Kat

Anne and Dave

Breakin' the edge

It's a boner sandwich

Congrats to Bobby and Maura!

Got them toes done up with them fingernails matchin'

Sharing some margaritas with my business associates

Happy Birthday Joe!

Kenton and Joe



Carl and a new bearded look.