Tim and Curley decided to have a party and the UFC fight.

Jim and Rich who was in town from Kona, Hawaii. He told me he now works on a Kona coffee/macadamia nut farm where he lives for free. He makes all his spare money taking tourists out on a boat to swim with dolphins. He also took up surfing, can you tell?

Confirmed kill by Tim, 9:30pm.

We still had a long night ahead so we had to prepare.



Dudes watching dudes

Our own personal UFC, S-wood garage style.




Rowengartner who never lets me get a pic of him

A conversation I walked in to late, what's a worse song, "Ants in my pants" or "What's the dilly yo?"

I realized now that I didnt get a good one of the host, Curley. Although this is the best I got. Me at the end of the night.

The placenta (if you will) of beer brats

Gay dames

Booze, SK


And a 12:20 baseball game

These guys were so embarrassed of being a Cubs fan they put bags on their heads

We were too so we snuck down to the bottom level for the last inning.

I wish I knew someone buried in this over grown cemetary

Kims crib

Kim, Dre, SK

A view from her roof

The crazy drop between buildings

The neighbors

Age is nothing but a number

We went out to meet Gordon

and Kevin who was djing, sort of. Or not turning down the crazy remixes that made my ears bleed

Steph met up with us

I saw Joe, we didn't have time to chat, bummer. I did get a sweet pic of him.

Mast got a hair cut, no more ponytail. I shed a tear.


After the fireman bar I swung by the Gingerman to see this guy