I'm tired of fighting

Kathryn picked up a hell kitten.

He has no name yet, but I'm rallying for Bruiser because he likes to head butt.

"Hi, I'm a nut bag"

Old mmmmen!

This is how my early Friday nights are going to look from now until the spring.

I got Mark T away from the wine and got him to attempt some hammers

Another dude who I don't see enough of.

Yes, we're old. We probably talk more about our aching bodies and shitty jobs more then we skate.

You can only play the hand your dealt

I had an interview on Friday... I hope I get the job. These were the sites.

Later that weekend I played some poker...

I came in the final 2 for the first game and lost to Big Mac Jeff

I came in the final 2 for the second game as well and lost to this dude.

I still came up ahead on money and now I'm ranked 2nd over all in our league.

I still owe you for the hole in the floor

Some band from Wyoming, Teenage Bottlerocket

Joe gave me a tour of the "Crew Room"

Then he molested Kathryn with some nose picking

Jonemy licking the upper fuzz

That dude from the Lawrence Arms, Chris.

And the rest of them with that dude from Alkaline Trio and the drummer from Colossal.

The Falcon

It was like a 1/2 Slapstick reunion

Chris and I fanning out in the front

Bizzarro Gordon

Oh rly? (I wonder who created this... Stv?)

She's not a riot girl, she's just a quiet girl

May or May Not played a killer Daft Punk tune, totally stoked for thier Halloweener show

Rollo Tomasi usual slay status...

And Dialogue with the ballads.

Accidental art

Nite moves at the bottom... Bob Seger strikes again.

Tom Thumb

I've been away for a while relaxing my busted thumb.

Perm thumbs up

Ouch. This is what happens when I try to go skateboarding.

We've had the goal since training camp to give Chicago a Super Bowl chance

This is what my Sundays are going to look like for the next few weeks.