Your city's a sucker

My city's a saint

I have never boarded from the tarmac, ever.

I used to working in the buildings behind the triangles

Good bye Chicago

Hello Nashville.

My hotel...

Is fucking nuts, it's got a shit-ton of indoor gardens.

Time for lunch

1/2 way through my sushi sesh

Watch me shine

Drunk off of cheap wine


The man RJD2, 4 decks and a sequencer

He had this camera on the whole set up and he'd flip a switch when he was on the squencer and it'd show in the screen. Pretty sickk.

He did his Thom Yorke impersonation.

Then took a break and came back out with Aceyalone. We left 1/2 through the set, it was hot and crowded. I got to see Joe and Bachta working the stage for a bit.

I got tickets for some games this season, SK got 3 games and I got 1 game. 4 games!

This is the way of the modern world

Everyone's fighting for dominance

Rollo Tomasi slayed last night

Jon and Steph

Pony tails rule bro

Matt's new nick name is "pony tail"

The dudes from the Bomb took their shirts off and started playing Naked Raygun covers, I was stoked as hell.

Ol' Fuss and Feathers

The hat Kathryn got me was a hit

Report Suspicious Activity had a some pretty political songs but the dude sounded like the singer of Snapcase


Wicker Park is full of Bob Seger fans

Off on a natural charge, bon voyage

Pour one out for Harold Hunter. Rest in peace.

In the garage

I went to Eric's for a garage party and someone done clogged the toilet

It was pretty fucking epic.

He got mad because I said I liked the kitchen floor


Angelic Justin

Garage sesh

I got side tracked by the amount of board games, which version of Balderdash would you like to play?

Fakie frontside flips in steel toe boots, no joke folks. Danny landed 2 of them. Fresh from"the pen" he wanted to get his skate on. He said after spending 2 weeks in jail he's ready to finally skate at BRoselle in front of people. He used to hate parks, I guess that's what jail does to you.

Diamond Dan