When I get home I'm gonna open up all the windows

After the wedding we met up with Dave


I'm hiding

In case you didn't know

Surprise, I've got eyes, now goodbye.

Jim and Amanda got hitched

My date

Wedding pirate

Kathryn and Andrea

Negative Mike and Jonemy

The wedding present

The married couple

Nice to meet you

I love you!

I love you back!

Andrea and SK

JC and Courtney


Lil' Jim upset about The Matt's no-show


Neil fanning out

I made friends on the dance floor

Congrats Jim + Amanda!

Just don't stay too long

I know these photos have been all over the internet but here's my excursion to a Kwik-e-mart

After I went down the street to have a long day of playing poker

I was able to take home some loot, but not as much as those dudes