People are made up of water and fear

My cousin was in town

So we went out for drinks, my brother and his buddy Jim (Jamie Thomas)

Brothers Thomas

The transformation from a gin & tonic drinker to an Old Style drinker

It just get better wit' time.

Mama did not get a new pair of shoes that night.

It's my show

Our boy Milo had a procedure, here he is modeling his new neck wear and bed

The old claw got lasered off, we tried everything to get him to stop ruining the furniture, curtains, etc.

You'll be happy to know he's back to his old wound up self, with out claws.

Grabbed a book and read the cover

Late night old man sesh at Scrap

Like a blast from the past, I haven't been here in about 9 years.

Thanks Jim

1. gnarbarge

An instant of intense acts of complete or total gnar-ness. A barrage of awe producing events characterized by being cool,fast, dangerous and/or violently agressive. Commonly used among skateboarders.

"Dude, did you see the slams part in the vid?"

"Yeah! Everyone got so wrecked...straight gnarbarge son!"

"and the show?"

"You should have been there! One band was complete thrash. Their set was gnarbarge!"

via Urban Dictionary

We'll never forget the way you thrilled the nation

Bear'n down with Rainer

Scott and Libby's new baby, Alaynna

They were put up there to keep us apart

The old Pabst brewery, Milwaukee

Back at home, a birthday party

Matt, Bung0rz, and myself


Happy Birthday Amanda