Aimless, aint got no where to go

I thought I was going to flip it for sure. I didn't; instead I hooked up some bros.

Where is your God now?

After work, you know the drill

It's that time of the year


Sean Apples, Denny, Eric. Side note the guy at the end of the row I used to work with, I had a drunken conversation with him.

I dubbed him "The Enforcer" he'd keep the stairs clear of assholes.

The onion crank.

Speaking of wieners, I sure could go for a hot dog.

It was like being at a football game, I could see my breath

Woo Woo stopped by for a chant.


Keep her pretty.

I think that I'm bigger than the sound

On Saturday there was a party for Sullivan's visit home. I found a bottle of "Skull Splitter" beer there.

And some cobra whiskey from Thailand

Seriously, there's a cobra in it.


Jesus action figure



Heinl, Missy, Cheryl and her man

This dude was having a gear crisis

Dress shoes with a sweat suit

Sulli makes his grand entrance. He just came from his sisters wedding.



Kush and Kathleen who just came from the wedding too


Barnett, who I sat next to at both my Jr. High and High School graduations.

Matt was pointing out the great glass work so I could get a photo of some stupid girls behind.

JVang showing off his new equipment

Sweet goggle line, where's the mountain. Welcome back to a night in the midwest Sally.

I can't seem to shake her...

After 14 years, not much has changed...