I learned it while skipping school

I've been sick for almost 2 weeks, but I decided to post a medley of recent photos

The winter TF

A work in progress, I haven't been in a few weeks (sick), but I hear there's a quarter and burly wedge ramp!


New Years

Rainer shredding (on) the Gnar

Guitar Zeros

John built the most epic poker table ever

From Halifax to hell

Don Shula, who talked shit about The Pats and Jimmy Johnson. He also kept asking if there were any members of the press in the room.

After my boss took some of us out to see the local "scenery"

They thought it was a dancing place, but it turned out to be an AARP biker bar

I'm here for number #1

Party bus, complete with champagne.

Come on with the come on

For complaining about my job my company does do some pretty cool stuff

They took us to a private animal santuary called NGALA

They rescue animals and put on corporate events to pay for the costs of keeping a place like this

I fed this guy a carrot

Get down