Tired and behind

More show photos, this is The Draft

Like Hot Water Music but more blah

Lifetime killed it

They kept telling people to stage dive, it was pretty crazy, they pissed off the bouncers/promoters

Somebody's nailed the door shut

I played some poker

Got to see the dudes babies

And how they're going to turn out.

Come on, lets break this heart in two

This is what we look like when we clean up, weddings do this to me.

After we decompressed by seeing Gordon's HS nu-metal band.

Hold on to what you need

Every morning on the weekends this monster gets me up at 8am.

Jim had a birthday gathering, I forgot it was a plaid theme

Happy Birthday Jim!

Bertucci paid us a visit this weekend and Curley

But I called it an early night, because I wanted to get to this super early.

It was Jackie Robinson Day and free Lou Pinella bobble heads!




The rhyme sorcerer forces you to shout my praises

We took another with Gordon and Sarah to Dekalb again to see Catfish Haven

Hoags and co are rocking the USA with...


Profit driven expansion into foreign markets

The night started out by me telling Joe to order 2 Busch Lights and 2 Jaeger Bombs, this is what he ended up with.

Riverboat Gamblers


Rachael and Andrew


Jim and Kathryn

Josh showing off his new antler tattoo

Against Me!

It was pretty fucking crazy

For the new songs they chilled out because they didn't know the words

This is how we felt in the crowd

It's good! Big ups to Sarah for driving also Gordon and Kevin and putting up with my drunken I didn't have to work tomorrow self.