They're building the building from side to side

It was decided we needed to go some where out of the ordinary

Joe brought me a sweet Buck Cherry pass

Thanks Joe!

The new new Rick

Joe was in rare form

Some womans

Joe scooped them up

Pablo and Andrea


New new new Rick

Hey I remember you, 405 Vernon days, lets take a peak...

Wonderful radio
Marvelous radio
Wonderful radio
Radio, radio...

Turkey Time

While I ate my dinner I sat across from this...

Easy on the mashed potatoes

My dearest cousin was in town on military leave

All the Baker cousins

Later I met up with Kathryn at her fams for some dessert and cat wrangling

The music that they constantly play, it says nothing to me about my life

The opening act was Kristine Young from St. Louis and I liked her about as much as I liked the Cardinals

Between sets they played some sweet old films

Then the man, Morrissey took the stage

I took a shit load of photos, here's a few

He decided to loosen up a bit and unbutton his shirt, the crowd went nuts

I've never seen so many adults scream

Costume change

That shirt ended up going to the crowd

The encore, another costume change

After the song people were going nuts

Dudes were jumping the barricade to get a hand shake

As we were being herded out, I saw the Epicly Later'd mastermind and crew which consisted of skate celebs such as Leo Fitzpatrick, Spanky, and Jerry Hsu

I fanned out but finally worked up some courage to ask Jerry for a photo, after we had a short chat, he's a nice dude.

Leo gave Jerry a hard time about being noticed and I said I'd take a pic with Patrick too. Some dude came up to Kathryn and asked if there was a Bears player there.

Kathryn and her date Andrea

Jon and I with some dub chins