If she wasn't a bull dyke, I think I might have a bit of a thing for her

The Go-Go's


Jane, she's very surreal

I was pretty impressed, they still had the beat

We meet again

Texas is the reason

That the president's dead

The big Chi.

The deep souf.

Coming up on Dallas Texass.

I'm sitting here right now.

The hotel I'm staying at has art and artifacts from the Far East. A lot from the Ming Dynasty.

The courtyard.

Since the last time I was here they built a new bar. Grandma was drinking at noon.

The only time I've seen a croquet court.

Hotel tower and two atriums.

This plate is about 7 feet tall.

The atriums.

My boss and I drove around and found a neighborhood that reminded us of Evanston. The houses were huge, probably oil tycoons.

Dealey Plaza, a very well known place. My second visit.

The "grassy knoll"

The other side of the street, conspiracy theorists set up their picture boards there.

I believe there is where the first bullet was fired

The second shot struck and killed Kennedy here.

The other side of the street, across from the "grassy knoll"

The book depository, the 6th floor top right window was where Oswald fired the rifle.

The "grassy knoll" and the street.

Did you ever want to know where Dallas was born? The same place where Kennedy was killed.

Dealey Plaza and the Kennedy Memorial.

Downtown Dallas.