Vegas Vacation

We got upgraded to the new "West Wing" at the MGM

TV in the Mirror

Big cats

Hard Rock - Cobain


Stevie Ray Vaughn

Some punk exhibit which had a bunch of fliers and punk rocker jackets


Some dude posing with another dudes Kimono Dragon in front of a hotel

Our crew, Gordon and Sarah

Making friends

Bellagio's art exhibit

In all it's magnificent, hooray capitalism.

We fought and we fought until our bullets ran out

I met up with these dudes

and Joe

and Pablo

With Kathryn

and Jeff

To see the Cornish Gay Men... I mean the Lawrence Arms play at Ronny's

Brendon had a wardrobe malfunction

He got that fixed

I'm glad I wasn't back here

I don't know if Nate will remember a whole lot but people were chanting "MVP" for him at the end of the night.

Now I'm Ready to Close My Mind

Amy Winehouse

Iggy and the Stooges

Halfway through their set he said "come up share the stage with me, LET THEM UP!"

And it turned into this fiasco for about 10 minutes after the song, they had to get all those people off the stage, and continued the set!

A really shitty shot of My Morning Jacket and the Chicago Youth Symphony

Pearl Jam

Take it away Eddie

My teacher won't teach me

Some on air banter

Spin + Q101 after party with MIA

Spandex gear crisis

Lupe Fiasco